Deadly Crash in New Madrid County

Deadly Crash in New Madrid County
By: Crystal Britt
NEW MADRID COUNTY, Mo. - It was a terrible scene on a Heartland highway Thursday morning.
An SUV collided with a dump truck, causing a fiery blast and killing one of the drivers.

Traffic is finally flowing again along Highway 61 south of Sikeston.  Police shut down both lanes just after the late morning crash that killed 82-year-old Samuel Hector of New Madrid.

The Missouri Highway Patrol now reports Hector crossed the center line near Country Road 820 south of Sikeston and hit the oncoming truck head on.

Amazingly the driver of the dump truck, Terry Moore of Broseley, is okay.  His wife and mother in law say he's in shock.

"He's not even able to talk to us about it so, we just don't know," said Frances Glas, Moore's mother-in-law.

He did, however, tell them he was able to jump out of the truck before it burst into flames.

Shortly after, Moore's wife got the call. "She was crying and so broken up on the phone.  I couldn't get anything out of her hardly," said Glass.

Sadly, police say there wasn't anything they could do for the man in the SUV.

"It's a tragedy, no matter what the circumstances are, it's not anything you ever want to deal with," said New Madrid County Sheriff Terry Stevens.

As far as witnesses, other than Moore, police say there aren't any which in this situation, may be a blessing.

"Anytime you've got something as well traveled as U.S. 61, it's amazing when you have a crash of this magnitude you don't end up with a crash with a half a dozen vehicles involved," said Chief Drew Juden with the Sikeston Police Department.

The dry conditions were also a factor. "We've got dry crops in the field.  A lot of fuel was spilt here.  It could have been a lot worse firewise than what it actually was," said Stevens.

No firefighters were injured.