Lesterville School Leaders Happy About Federal Ruling

Lesterville School Leaders Happy About Federal Ruling
By: Ryan Tate
LESTERVILLE, Mo. - When Lesterville Superintendent Earlene Fox heard the news that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission cleared Ameren UE to rebuild the Taum Sauk Reservoir, she got on the loud speaker and told everyone in the school.
"This was good news.  I know some of the faculty members thought if Ameren did not rebuild, they would lose their jobs," Fox said.
According to an Ameren spokesperson, the company plans to rebuild, but still must settle the lawsuit filed by Attorney General Jay Nixon.
In December 2005, one billion gallons of water cascaded down Proffit Mountain, destroying parts of the Johnson's Shut-Ins State Park.
According to Fox, Ameren pays the school district $440,000 a year in taxes, which makes up 53% of the public money directed for the schools.
"Some of the pressure has been released, but we will not celebrate until the lawsuit is completed, the hearings are over, and all of the rulings are made. Then we will celebrate," Fox said.
Fox said without the school Lesterville wouldn't look like it does today.
That's because families would probably move instead of letting their children bus two to four hours to other schools.