Teens Find Dead Puppies in a Bag

Teens Find Dead Puppies in a Bag
By: Ryan Tate
WAYNE COUNTY, Mo. - Two Wayne County teenagers found a bag full of dead puppies Sunday in a creek near their home.  They estimate there were nine or ten puppies in the bag.
"I did not know what to think. I just thought whoever did it was pretty cruel," said Logan Eads. Eads was one of two teenagers who found that bag.
"I've thought about it every day since Sunday," Lisa Bennett said.  Bennett is Eads' aunt. Her son was the other boy that found the bag.
Animal control experts believe someone dumped the bag because they did not want to take care of the puppies.  According to Tim Rickey, the Director of Rescues and Investigations for the Humane Society of Missouri, situations involving people killing their pets in inhumane ways are more common than people realize.

"Take the animal to a local vet.  They will kill it by lethal injection, which is the only humane way,"  Rickey said.

As for Eads, he says he will not forget his experience for a long time.  "I will never open a bag like that again," Eads said.

Eads and his cousin buried the dogs on a hill overlooking the creek.