Animal Drop Off Dilemma

Animal Drop Off Dilemma
By: Holly Brantley
CAPE GIRARDEAU COUNTY, Mo. --A dog and her litter were found tied to a tree at the Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary Saturday afternoon in the scorching August heat.
"We figure she was dumped," said Kelly Murray who made the discovery.
"Mom's a little thing but they look good," said Belita Brammer of Safe Harbor. "She was frightened but she's coming around. We're getting a pen ready."
It's a scene "no kill shelters" like Safe Harbor deal with far too often.
"It happens everywhere, not just here," said Murray. "People come here knowing we're a no kill and want us to take the animal because they don't want it etherized. We understand that."
"People are good about coming out here when we're not here," said Brammer. "We're volunteers and there's not someone here 24 hours a day. If people call first we're happy to help."
Another problem, it's just too hot to leave an animal outside in the summer. "It's very hot," said Murray. "With temperatures around 100° these animals need water constantly."
Volunteers say the shelter will do everything in it's power to save animal lives. Besides facilities like Safe Harbor, an animal rescue network helps place unwanted pets. There are many options besides dumping.
"This network is very good," said Brammer. "They'll help us when we have no place for a dog."
No-kill shelters always need donations and passionate volunteers. It takes a lot of money to provide food and medical care.
Safe Harbor's board of directors says there's much work to be done. Even someone who's allergic to animals can help.
They aren't sure exactly sure of the breed. Eventually the puppies and the mother will be available for adoption.
Contact Safe Harbor at (573) 243-9823 for more information.