YourTurn - 8/13/07

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Terry Hall from Herrin, Illinois:
"I wonder how many Illinois or Missouri residents hear that the electric bill will be brought down?  In Illinois, the News forgot that our Springfield representatives gave themselves a raise at the same time (they were) so called working on this problem and now they can't even get a budget going...what a joke."
Mike Anderson from Poplar Bluff, Missouri:
"Have you been to the grocery store lately? Milk nearly $4 per gallon, pork $3.59, and last week I heard the popcorn price at the movies has risen.  I am beginning to wonder whether ethanol is really the way to go or not.  Local Wal-Mart stores say that prices have risen because the price of corn is going up...what a laugh...popcorn is not used to make ethanol.  I am wondering where they're getting the idea that milk and meat prices are rising because of corn prices."
Christal Austin from Parma, Missouri:
"I absolutely love (Mike Smythe's) segment on ViewPoint.  I look forward to it.  What a joy it is to watch Lauren Keith on the Breakfast Show.  (Lauren) and Jim Burns are a great team.  They make getting out of bed a lot easier.  Your News and StormTeam crew do a wonderful job."
Southern Illinois viewer Ken Stone:
"I have a problem with people parking where the sign says ‘No Parking'.  I went to a shopping center in Murphysboro and there was a semi-truck parked at the front door of the store.  People either can't read the signs or just don't care and they even do this in handicapped parking."

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