Puxico Fire Department Flap

Puxico Fire Department Flap
By: Crystal Britt
PUXICO, Mo. - The Puxico Fire Department is without its deputy chief, assistant chief and head first responder.
City leaders decided the mother, father and son trio had to go.
"I think they were afraid we had too much pull, if you know what I mean," said Danny Wheetley, the former assistant chief of the fire department.
"All we tried to do was good for our community and we got ridiculed for it," said Rhonda Wheetley, a former first responder.
The Wheetleys say the current chief, Steve Scott, should be gone, not them.
Heartland News was told, the department unanimously voted to ask Scott to step down, then changed their minds.
"After everybody started looking at the whole picture, that wasn't the right thing to do," said Keith Miller, the captain of the Puxico Fire Department.
The Wheetleys say Scott wasn't chief material.  The chief says he's been working a lot lately and hasn't been around as much as he would like, but is now stepping up his efforts.
He says the Wheetleys were the problem.  Tim, the Wheetely's son, allegedly damaged a door and a radio.
Ronda and Danny allegedly harrassed and threatened people.
The Wheetleys say that's not true and they want justice.
Captain Keith Miller says the department just wants to move on.
"What happened, that's in the past.  We have a city to protect and a city to serve," he said.
The Wheetleys say Puxico will suffer, but the current volunteer fire fighting staff says they will continue to be one of the fastest first responder teams in Stoddard County. Keith Miller says recruiting efforts have already begun.
The mayor of Puxico was not available for comment. Heartland News has learned there will be an upcoming meeting in Puxico on August 23rd. This issue could come up then. The Wheetleys plan to appeal their dismissal.