Mother Starts "Operation Sunscreen" for Troops

Mother Starts "Operation Sunscreen" for Troops
By: CJ Cassidy
KENNETT, Mo. - The heat's bad enough, but standing out in the sun can be a whole lot worse.
Some Heartland soldiers know all about the heat.  They're training in it!
A Kennett woman can't change the weather but she's trying to help.
Carlene Lockett's trying to help our troops shield themselves from Mother Nature's furnace.
She's putting more effort into it now, because her National Guard son just got activated to go to Iraq.
"You pray you know, that everything's going to be fine. They're gonna be alright," Lockett said.
But a mother can't help worrying when she finds out her son is going to the war zone yet again.
Lockett's son is with the 1137th Military Police, a Missouri National Guard Unit that's been in danger zones before.
This time his mom's convinced he'll have a little extra protection in the way of quality sunscreen.
"Seemed like it was a really good way we could give back to the soldiers," she said.
Under "Operation Sunscreen" Lockett reaches out to folks in the Bootheel area to donate money or buy sun care packages for soldiers.
Lockett knew the brand of sun care products she wanted to use. She's a MaryKay representative.
"We thought we knew they are over there in the hottest period of time. This was our way of helping," she said. 
Soldiers I spoke with say they appreciate any help.  They say the military offers sunscreen if you ask for it, but  they could use something better than army issue.
It's a little luxury Lockett hopes her son and others like him can use as they encounter the hot Iraqi sun.
"God will take care of him, out on the whole armor we have to do that everyday of our lives," Lockett said.
Lockett plans on donating the profit from her sales to buy more sun care packages for troops overseas.
Lockett's son's group is attached to a unit out of St. Louis.
She said they don't know when they'll leave, but when they do it will be for a year and a half.