Local Community College Announces Plans for New Center

Local Community College Announces Plans for New Center
By: Ryan Tate
CAPE GIRARDEAU COUNTY, Mo. - Three Rivers Community College leaders hope for state approval of a plan to open a higher education center in Cape Girardeau County.
The college already has education centers in Sikeston, Kennett, Malden, Portageville and Campbell.  The scheduled opening will be the Fall of 2008.
"It's the most exciting time for us. It hits right up there academically," Dr. Larry Kimbrow said. Kimbrow is the Executive Vice President of TRCC.
But first, the college needs approval of the plan from the Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education.  No word yet on when that might take place.
In the meantime, leaders at Southeast Missouri State University want the state to assess if another higher education center is needed in southeast Missouri.
"It's hard to imagine what another institution with an education center will provide that's not already offered," said Art Wallhausen, the Associate to the President at Southeast Missouri State.
This decision by TRCC comes at a time described by Wallhausen as one in which "it's really difficult to say we're the best of friends."
Two years ago, the schools ended their relationship to share facilities to teach their respective students.  There is a lawsuit currently in the court system.
Within the next month, TRCC plans to hold forums in Cape Girardeau County to see if business owners and residents want more outlets of higher education.