The Death of Jimmy Freeze: Still a Mystery

The Death of Jimmy Freeze: Still a Mystery
By: CJ Cassidy

CARTER COUNTY, Mo. - There's new details on the mysterious death of a Carter County man Heartland News has been following for two years.
Friends and family members are offering a reward, almost $1,200, hoping for fresh leads in the death of 43-year-old Jimmy Freeze.
Investigators say the case is still open and they're following up on every tip and lead they get.
But Jimmy Freeze's mother says she can't move on with her life, until she knows how and why her son's life ended.
"Not knowing what happened here that night, and knowing he laid out here all day in the heat, it never gets any easier," Carol Freeze said.
Going back to the place her son died two years ago isn't easy either, but Carol isn't ready to forget the bloody trail her son left behind, especially because it didn't lead to any answers in his mysterious death.
"I want to know why Jimmy was taken from us.  Jimmy didn't have any enemies," she said.
Jimmy's father-in-law found him tangled up in a barbed wire fence separating his home from a nearby church.
Autopsy results show Freeze died of a knife stab wound to his right thigh.  In all, there were three two inch deep stab wounds in that area.
Still, the pathologist left the cause of death undetermined saying while the wounds were suspicious enough to call it a homicide, there wasn't enough evidence to do so.
"I can't understand how a quarter of an inch barbed wire can make a two inch deep incision," Carol said.
She believes someone came out to hurt Jimmy that night.
As a dispatcher at the Carter County Sheriff's Department, it's the only way she can explain all the blood around the church.
"I think he followed someone to the road to see which way they went, and came back up here went to the church," Carold said.  "The blood was smeared on the door along here he evidently rubbed along as he went."
Now, Carol prays investigators don't forget what happened here.
"The investigator told me he did his job, did it like he was supposed to. But that's not enough for me as a mother," she said.
Carol Freeze says her son abused pain-killers at the time of his death, and she wonders if he might have made connections with the "wrong type" of people.
She's also contacted a psychic to see if she could help.
If you have any information you think might help please contact the Missouri Highway Patrol.