Witnesses Say Canoe Man Stole Car

Witnesses Say Canoe Man Stole Car
By: Wes Wallace
CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo. - It was more than just pork that got things cooking in Caruthersville over the weekend.
"We were down here for a barbeque contest, and these guys came floating up in a canoe,"  said Julie Nichols.
"Those guys" were Eric and Craig, the duo from Minnesota paddling their way down the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico.   We introduced you to them last week on Heartland News of Five.
Then on Saturday, another man in a canoe came paddling up in the middle of the night.
"He said his name was Gaelin and was a carpenter on his way New Orleans to help with the rebuilding process,"  Nichols recalled. "What was odd is that he was traveling on the river in the middle of the night, and he said he hadn't had a bath in the last three and a half weeks, but he didn't smell like that."
So another cook-off competitor allowed him to use the shower in his hotel room.  That's when the man really cleaned up.  He swiped $60 from the victim's wallet and then took a car key and stole a 2000 BMW Roadster.

Police say the suspect used his victim's stolen cell phone in Memphis to tell the man's wife he wanted $200 and some crack cocaine in exchange for the car.

Memphis police found the BMW undamaged, but no sign of the suspect.