Missouri Bridge Inspections

Missouri Bridge Inspections
By: Wes Wallace
At least once every couple years.  That's how often MODOT insects bridges, and it could be more often depending on their findings.
"We're required by federal law to do it every two years," said Mike Helpingstine, a District Maintenance Engineer with MODOT.
Helpingstine said it's a fairly comprehensive inspection, including sight, sound, often high tech equipment  like X-rays and ultrasounds.
In all, Missouri has about a dozen bridges with a similar design like the one that collapsed in Minneapolis.
"There's actually one in Poplar Bluff on Highway 67, but it's on a much smaller scale," said Helpingstine. "We've got engineers looking at it to make sure it's safe."
Helpingstine tells Heartland News the Poplar Bluff bridge and all the other MODOT inspected structures in southeast Missouri were deemed safe within the last six months.