Police Arrest Suspect in Bollinger County Shooting

Police Arrest Suspect in Bollinger County Shooting
By: Ryan Tate

BOLLINGER COUNTY, Mo. - A Scopus woman sits behind bars, charged with the murder of her live-in boyfriend.
Lisa Ann Barlow, 42, faces first-degree murder and armed criminal action charges in the death of 49-year-old Michael Strong of Scopus.
Investigators believe Barlow shot Strong in the head Friday night at their home.  Initially, Barlow told investigators she hid under the bed while Strong fought with a couple of intruders before being shot.
Strong's family spoke with Heartland News Wednesday, shortly before the arrest.
"These last five or six days have been devastating for my family," Matt Strong said. Matt was Michael's brother.
"My brother was a wonderful person.  He had no enemies that I knew of in his lifetime," Matt said.
"The community here is a family.  I don't care how long you have lived here, you're family," Anna Strong said.  Anna was Michael's sister-in-law.
Both Strongs said they want to know why someone killed their loved one.
"We want our day in court.  We all know what we're going to say to whoever is arrested," Anna Strong said.
"We want to know why.  We want to know the reasons why this happened," Matt Strong said.
Barlow sits in jail on $500,000 cash bond only.