Cancer Survivor Uses Green Thumb to Fight Back

Cancer Survivor Uses Green Thumb to Fight Back
By: Wes Wallace

DEXTER, Mo. - At least once a day John Brehmer and his wife Marilyn deliver fresh vegetables from their garden to Always Tan in Dexter.
While a tanning salon doesn't seem like a place for fresh produce, you need to understand the reasoning.
John attends Faith Lutheran Church along with Always Tan worker Angie Williamson.  They're on their church's Relay for Life team, and sell the veggies as a fundraiser.
"It's just one guy's way of helping, doing something he loves (growing vegetables), and helping a worthwhile cause,"  said John.
John has reason to raise vegetables and raise money.  He's a 22-year cancer survivor.  That was until last week, when he was diagnosed with bone cancer.
He'll miss this Friday's Stoddard County Relay for Life event because he'll be getting treatment at the Mayo Clinic.
"I'll miss getting to make the first lap, for the survivor's walk," said John. "It's always emotional for me."

The Stoddard County Relay for Life begins at 5 p.m. Friday, August 3rd at West City Park.