Flat Fold Colander: Does it Work?

Flat Fold Colander: Does it Work?
By: Lauren Keith

I gotta admit---the new Flat Fold Colander looks like it could put any of our old-standard strainers to shame.  To find out, I head to the California Juice Club in Cape Girardeau, where Autumn Demopoulos obviously serves more than juice here.  Today, she's whipping up some of those infamous "MoJo" potatoes.
"These are mojo potatoes and they are Heartland News anchor Mike Shain's favorite food," says Autumn.
The commercial claims the Flat Fold Colander can hold up to 10 pounds of these potatoes.
"I think it's a little flimsy.  I wanna test the hinges.  A lot of time, colanders with cheap hinges don't hold up under a lot of weight and then folding it a lot might make it even more flimsy," predicts Autumn.  
Let's find out.  Autumn pours in 10 pounds of potatoes.
"Oh, dear!  Everything was fine, until we got a lot of weight in there, and the colander started to shift a bit.  It's not level.  Maybe it's just this particular model, but it makes me nervous," she says.
What about heavy pasta noodles?
"This is eight pounds of linguine, and it's going in!" says Autumn as she pours in the noodles.
This time, the noodles poured in just fine.  Now, we want to know: will it hold up and let us pour out the pasta?  Let's test that "built-in spout".  Autumn pours the pasta into a bowl with no problems.  Now it's judgment time.
"It's okay. I would not use it everyday and certainly not here in my restaurant because it's not as sturdy as my trusted metal colander.  However, we do a lot of camping, and I think it would be great for that, mainly because we're not cooking a lot of food and it's nice that it folds away easily," says Autumn.
I agree. This colander does save space, but I'm not sure how durable it will be over time.  Autumn easily pulled apart the plastic hinges and doesn't think those will hold up in a hot dishwasher over time.  But for 10 bucks, it might be worth a try.  The Flat Fold Colander drains an average "C" on this Does it Work Wednesday test.
I bought the Flat Fold Colander at Walgreens.  You can find it at Wal-Mart, Target and many other local retailers.