Deadly Shooting & Armed Robbery

Deadly Shooting & Armed Robbery
By: CJ Cassidy

ALEXANDER COUNTY, Ill. - An early morning robbery ends in gunshots and bloodshed.  Right now, a killer remains on the loose.
Investigators say an armed man came into the Brown Bag video store around 1:30 a.m., shot the store clerk and 30-year-old Charles Caldwell twice, before grabbing the money in the cash register.
"I can't believe it. My brother he was a good person. He never bothered anyone. He enjoyed life. He had a lot of friends," said Charles Allen Caldwell's sister, Cindy Johnson of Cairo. She says some of his friends worked at Brown Bag Video and that he was visiting some of them Monday night when someone gunned him down.
"To kill somebody for what little bit they got it doesn't make sense," she said.
Illinois State Police investigators want to make sense of what happened there, themselves.
They say the suspect shot Caldwell twice, once in the chest, and shot the clerk on duty in the arm.  The clerk told Heartland News he played dead to avoid getting shot again.
Caldwell's sister hopes he recovers, but says she won't say the same for Brown Bag Video, a store offering adult videos and toys for sale.
"I'd really like to see that place shut down. I really would. I don't think it needs to be there. We don't need places like that around here. There are nice decent people in the world, and they don't need that kind of stuff around. To me it's just a senseless place no sense in having it," Johnson said.
Johnson hopes folks in Cairo remember Charles Caldwell as a man with a vision.
He ran for city council earlier this year. When he wasn't elected, he chose to use his talents as a florist to beautify his neighborhood.
"He just wanted to help our town - people in the town trying to make a difference," she said.
Investigators are still searching for the suspect in question.
He's described as a thin white man with a dark complexion, about 6 foot tall, with a medium build.
He was last seen wearing a grey baseball ball cap with a dark bill.
Police say he used a long-barreled handgun to shoot the victims.
They say if you see him don't approach him, but call police immediately.