Making the Most of Mounds

Making the Most of Mounds
By: Holly Brantley

MOUNDS, Ill. - Mounds is a town that's no stranger to problems, from eyesores to crime.
Those topics still linger today, but Mayor Waymon Butler and Chief of Police Harold Richardson, say they are determined to do something about it.
Residents say crime is one of the biggest issues.
"Somebody stole my lawn mower and my fishing equipment," said Earnest Johnson. "I never got it back."
"We keep our stuff locked up with gun," said Linda Moreland.
"We haven't solved all the problems," said Mayor Butler. Butler said crimes over the past few years have motivated him and Chief Richardson to be more aggressive. "Crime is on the decline," said Butler.
Meanwhile, Butler is determined to change the face of mounds.  Only a few years ago, run down buildings seemed to be a sign Mounds was destined to crumble.  But, Butler said thanks to federal money, they've been able to tear down more than 20 homes.  If the money lasts, 11 more are scheduled to be torn down this year.
"What we've done is try to clean up and try to get people to move here," said Butler.
According to Butler new businesses will soon be emerging.
"I know we're getting one new business," said Butler. "I hope to hear another is on the way soon."
The Mayor said one of those new businesses will employ about eight people.  Look for more information on that in the weeks to come.
Police Chief Harold Richardson said his force is doing all they can to make sure crime is on the decline.