Tripod the Therapy Dog

Tripod the Therapy Dog
By: Mike Shain

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - Did you know a dog's desire for giving and receiving love and affection can help lower your blood pressure?
Just pet a dog or cat and you have four legged medicine!
An example is Tripod. This therapy dog does his loving best to make residents at the Cape Town Assisted Living home happy.
More than a handsome and friendly face, this guy's in charge of morale.
"He's made a great addition, even with his disability," Joanne Shaw, the director at Cape Town Assisted Living.
Tripod lost a leg when he was hit by a car. Then his family moved and couldn't take him and he ended up at the Humane Society.
"Lots of our residents have disabilities and have needed help at some point in their lives and now they get a kick out of the fact that Tripod is the one who is needing us," Shaw said.
Cape Town Assisted Living has made tripod a fulltime staff member. Yes, he makes room calls.
"He came in my room and we watched the Cardinal game," said one resident. 
Tripod is well behaved, no barking, no jumping on people.  However, he has been locked out of the dining room for too many table snacks.
He's on a healthful diet of dog food and a snack now and then.
"Somebody said the other day, "It's a shame he's handicapped." Somebody else said, "It don't matter, he doesn't know it. He's just smiling all the time," said Charlie Daniel, a resident.
Joanne Shaw said resident are welcom to bring their pets or have them visit.
Tripod, however, is a resident and a professional therapy dog.