Teenagers Save Drowning Man

Teenagers Save Drowning Man
By: Carly O'keefe
HERRIN, Il. --You might think a job as a lifeguard all about hanging out by the pool all day, but some Herrin teenagers demonstrated that's definitely not the case.
Wednesday, a 55-year-old man suffered some type of medical event in the Harrison Bruce Aquatic Center pool.
"He was face down in the water and was unresponsive," said Harrison Bruce Aquatic Center Manager Devon McGuire.
That spurred a team of teenaged lifeguards into action. Two performed CPR, another called 911.
"Once the ambulance arrived they'd already brought him back," said McGuire.
All of the lifeguards were trained by the Red Cross, but before Wednesday they'd never needed to administer CPR in real life.
"They teach you--this is what you're going to do, but you never know how you'll react when it actually happens. But when it happened they did it, they didn't buckle under pressure, they did exactly what they were supposed to," said McGuire.
Even though most of the Herrin lifeguards are teenagers, and none are more than 22 years old, they take their jobs very seriously.
"We tease them because they put those glasses on and they're very serious. They've got their life guard role down pretty good," said head lifeguard Denna Buchanan.