99th Homecomers Celebration

99th Homecomers Celebration
By: Holly Brantley
JACKSON, Mo. - The 99th Annual Homecomers Celebration in Jackson looks to be one of the biggest yet...but will it be the biggest ever?
"This year's big but next year's going to be even bigger because it will be out 100th year," said Ken Koehler of the American Legion.
"Everybody's talking about how business is up," said Ted Clark of Stooges.
Many vendors, like the folks from Stooges are local. So the money goes right back into the community.
"This is how we raise money to help support American Legion Baseball," said Koehler. "It takes a lot of money, and this is one of our biggest fund raisers."
"This is just a big reunion," said Clark. "We see people out here we won't see the rest of the year."
Meanwhile, plans are already underway to make next year's 100th Bash bigger and better than ever.