YourTurn - 7/30/07

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Stephanie Lockhart from Cutler, Illinois:
"Here we go again, another of our personal choices now government regulated.  Why (do) our governments on both the federal and state levels feel the need to intercede for ‘our own good?'  Both liquor and tobacco are legal...and heavily they want to...take our freedom of choice from us.  I have never denied non-smokers the right to choose to go to a smoke free restaurant.  Now I can't go to a restaurant or bar...and smoke with a friend...the last time I checked we were living in a free country where we could choose..."
Heartland Viewer Jordan Heisserer:
(Mike Smythe's ViewPoint on law enforcement officers) could not have said it better. (7/22/07-Police Deaths)  (They) need the best equipment available and a HUGE pay increase.  I don't understand why the pay is so low and why some of the equipment is so old.  I hope the ViewPoint reaches all the right people and maybe someday soon something will change."
Heartland viewer Linda Haynes:
"I wish people would fix their headlights one side on dim and the other on bright.  (This) blinds the on-coming traffic...they also need to use their (turn signals).  I am an ambulance driver and the police need to fix this or have them go back to driving school."
Josh Brown from Willisville, Illinois:
"I am 12 years old.  I watch your news every morning, sometimes at noon, and always in the evenings.  You all do a great job, especially Lauren Keith, she has a pretty smile.  My favorite is ‘Does It Work Wednesday' I give everyone two thumbs up!"

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