Investigators Search for Clues in Arson Fire

Investigators Search for Clues in Arson Fire
By: Arnold Wyrick

VERGENNES, Ill. - The fire that destroyed the Bastien Seed Company building and the Vergennes post office was no accident.  Investigators are now calling it an arson.
Police will not confirm or deny that they are talking to some local kids about the fire that destroyed one of the towns oldest buildings.  But, sources in Vergennes tell Heartland News that there are four young kids who police are questioning as suspects in connection to the blaze.
It was shortly after 7:30 Wednesday morning when the Vergennes Fire Department received the 911 call.  But, the old seed building was already fully engulfed in flames by the time they arrived.
So all the firefighters could do was try to keep the fire from spreading, and that too proved to be too much for the town's water system.  Once they had no more water to fight the fire with it quickly spread to the town's post office.
But, just one day later it was business as usual for Postmaster Phyllis and her customers.
"The mail will keep on going, we don't stop it.  I've got the town mail here even though we have to go to a few tubs and buckets to get it for them right now.  But, we've got it and it's all here and they're picking it up," Fisher said as she stamped a few envelopes.
And that is just one of the little miracles that has come from such a devastating loss to the town and the people who live there.
"It was very critical to get the help I got on Wednesday morning.  I had some early morning customers that helped me with getting every thing we needed to get out of the old post office before the fire got to it.  And when other people found out they just started helping like that and we saved a lot of stuff we needed to get things back up and running here in the Village Hall," Fisher said.
And that's where the post office will continue operating out of until further notice.
Meanwhile, as investigators continue with their efforts, those who are found to be responsible for starting the fire could face both state and federal criminal charges.