Deadline Looming for Residents to Leave FEMA Trailers

Dealine Looming for Residents to Leave FEMA Trailers
By: Ryan Tate
CARUSTHERSVILLE, Mo. - The Federal Emergency Management Agency will move 69 mobile home trailers out of Pemiscot County by the end of October, eighteen months after they were moved in to house people who lost homes to the a tornado.
FEMA issued 193 trailers across the county last year. Sixty-nine remain.
According to the Caruthersville Disaster Recovery Manager, city leaders are working with residents to help them move out of the trailers. If people decide to keep the trailers, they will be forced to pay about $600 a month in rent.
"I can't believe they would take this before our home is finished, because we are working so hard," Edna Carnell said.  She has been together with her partner Bill Turnbow for seventeen years, and lost their home to the tornado.
A person in town gave the couple a home, but it needs work.
"Everyday there is something that needs to be done, but it is hard to get help," Carnell said.
"I go out to look for homes everyday, but there are none to rent, and I don't have the money to go buy one," Doyle Singleton said.

More than 120 families have already moved out of the mobile home trailers since April of last year.