Paducah Riverfront to get Facelift

Paducah Riverfront to get Facelift
By: Erica Byfield

PADUCAH, Ky. - The Paducah City Commission approved a multi-million dollar plan to overhaul the city's riverfront.

The first part of the construction should be complete by the fall of 2008.

After years of discussion finally it's official. The way paducah riverfront looks will be a thing of the past since the area is set to get a total makeover.

"It's fantastic for us be moving forward on the riverfront plan," said Tom Barnett, the director of planning.

First up, the construction of a public dock between 6th and Campbell Streets along the edge of the Ohio River.

"The best part about this is for our citizens to finally see something going on down at the river," he said.

Phase two is to build and excursion dock.

Barnett said for now the Paducah City Commission opted to not block off the entrance to the river from Broadway.

"We're not going to move forward with the changing Broadway to Kentucky yet.  We're going to revisit this.  We're going to make sure we've got the consensus of the greater community and then we'll make a decision at that time," he said.

Barnett added it will take a while to get everything complete, but in the end, it will be well worth the wait.

The two docks are part one of Paducah's riverfront revitalization plan.

In all, city leaders expect to spend more than $ 50 million in 15 years to renovate the space.