Residential Ruckus in Scott County

Residential Ruckus in Scott County
By: Holly Brantley

SCOTT COUNTY, Mo. - Residents in one Scott County neighborhood say they are fed up with living in an area that doesn't smell good or look good.
But when Heartland News went to investigate, we found a whole lot more.
"Everything's a problem," said Barbara Houck.
She's one of several residents who don't use very flattery language to describe the neighborhood they call home.
"I'll be glad to move out of here," said Brenda Buckingham. "This is a trashy neighborhood and I'll be the first to tell you that.  Everything you look there's nothing but trash."
Residents who contacted Heartland News say the mess centers around several trailer homes in the area.  But the mess is only part of the problem.
"There's no law. There's no ordinance," said Arlie Houck.
Some of the people who live in the trailers are the very folks who want to turn the neighborhood around.
The trailers are rented.  Glen Harper said he owns his trailer and part of the property.  Several other trailers belong to his son, including the one Brenda Buckingham lives in.
Recently she was served an eviction notice for late rent.
"I've got three kids all disabled.  I can't see how they can kick me out," said Buckingham.
"That woman doesn't want to move out," said Harper. "But, she owes my son money.  I may be my son's dad but I have nothing to do with the property."
Meanwhile, some residents said the trouble centers around Harper's trailer. Harper said they aren't doing anything wrong.
"I don't smoke dope," said Harper.
"Yes we drink and we have a good time," said Charlie Whitacre. "But, we mind our own business."
Arlie Houck said he's contacted the Health Department and been told there's no laws against anything present in the area.
Heartland News was unable to talk with anyone at the Health Department about the area specifically.
In the meantime, Scott County Sheriff's Department said they've only had one call from the area in the past year.
Residents said they'd be happy to see extra police patrols, hoping things might turn around.