Graves County Adopts Drug-testing Program for Students

Graves County Adopts Drug-testing Program for Students
By: Associated Press

PADUCAH, Ky. - Students in a western Kentucky county who want to drive to school, play sports or participate in extracurricular activities will have to do more than keep their grades up.
The Graves County school board unanimously passed a mandatory drug testing program last week that will go into effect this fall.
Under the plan, students who want to play sports, join a club such as the marching band or drive to school will have to pass a drug test first.
All of the participating students will be tested within the first two weeks of school. Students will then be selected randomly throughout the year for further testing. Parents can also submit their children to the testing pool.
Students who test positive will be required to attend a six-week drug and alcohol awareness program or receive a six-week suspension from driving to school or participating in extracurricular activities. The student must then pay for and pass another drug test before having their extracurricular privileges returned.
A second positive test will result in a 12-week suspension and a third test will lead to the suspension of privileges for one calendar year.