Rogue Triangle Garden Hoe: Does it Work?

Rogue Triangle Garden Hoe: Does it Work?
By: Lauren Keith
The new $30 Rogue Triangle Garden Hoe is definitely not your average garden tool.  Its different design promises to make gardening a whole lot easier.  I head to Scott County, Missouri to test it out.
"You lean down a little on the backstroke," says David Diebold as he uses the Rogue.
This kind of motion makes it look like David Diebold is "vacuuming" in his garden, but he's actually using it to get rid of weeds!
"It's not even in a class of ordinary garden hoes.  It's all by itself.  I haven't seen anything like it," said Diebold.
From the way you use it.... to its design, this garden hoe actually looks like a spear. It promises to make yanking out those dreaded weeds much eaiser.  You simply scoot the Rogue under the plant and clip away at the weed.
"I can go right under the squash, pick out a weed, and it doesn't even know we're there.  The only thing you can do is pull the weed normally, but this tool eliminates that," says Diebold.
Normally, you'd use a regular garden hoe and chop away, but again, not with this Rogue Garden Hoe.  David says it even acts like a tiller.
So far so good, as I watch David snap up a weed, rather than chop it.  In fact, he uses it so much in his own garden, he decided to start selling it at his orchard store.
"I've used a hoe all my life and I've never seen anything as good as this," he says.
He also admits he's now biased. So, he sent me with the Rogue hoe to find any local gardener I could.  One morning, I spotted Robert Harris hard at work in the Fountain Street Community Garden in Cape Girardeau. Let's see what he thinks.
"I'm not used to working with a hoe like this," he says examining the Rogue.
He pushes it back and forth, just like a vacuum sweeper, and gets impressed as it de-roots the weeds.
"It worked-I can't believe it!" he says. "That's the bad thing about the other garden hoes. You can't get up underneath the plant.  You just have to get down on your hands and knees and pull.  But this one here, I can go right underneath it.  I like it for that," says Robert.
However, he doesn't like bending his back as much to use the Rogue, but says this is still much better than that chopping he'd normally do with a regular garden hoe. It's definitely a lot less effort with this.
"I'd definitely give it a grade "A," says Robert.

Ok, if you're looking for a garden hoe that's ideal for pulling weeds, then you might try the Rogue Triangle Garden Hoe.  This new, $30 garden tool, without a doubt, sprouts up an "A" on this Does it Work test.  Ask for it at your local garden center or go to Diebolds Orchard in Benton, Missouri. You can also find it at

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Until the next Does it Work Wednesday, take care!