Presidential Debate with a Twist

Presidential Debate with a Twist
By: CJ Cassidy

South Carolina hosts its third presidential debate in three months Monday night.
There's a good reason for that, the Palmetto State is slated to hold one of the first primaries.
But this isn't your typical debate.  This one's being hosted through CNN and the YouTube Web managers working together.
Folks in the Heartland say they think the concept is very interesting.
From music videos to "latte art," Chris Dale's posted a host of clips on YouTube's website.
"Anybody can do it.  If you have a camera or a video phone, you can post your opinion.  Problem is some people's opinion's are not worth hearing, but you have the opportunity," Dale said.
Chris thinks giving people a chance to reach out to their presidential candidates would also encourage them to vote.
"If someone takes the time to respond to my question, that would have an impact on me," he said.
Not everyone agrees.
Rick Althaus is the student Democratic advisor at Southeast Missouri State University.
"We're too far out for this to have an impact on turnout," he said.
He's also skeptical of some of the questions.  He wonders if some people aren't just out to get their 15 minutes, make that few seconds, of fame.
"It's fun to do it.  You can get friends to look at it," Althaus said.
"I believe any way private citizens can give input to politicians increases democracy," Antique store owner Paul Alley said. He admits to just recently stepping into the 21st century. He knows more about history than he does computers, let alone YouTube.
Still, like Chris Dale, Alley's sure the debate sets the trend for the future.
"I would hope young people would get involved in something like this," Alley said.
Editors select which video questions will be used.
You can still be heard, the debate for the Republican candidates is set for September 17th.