YourTurn - 7/23/07

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Estella Dyer from Tamaroa:
"I am writing to discuss my growing disgust with reality shows...they promote people to be cheaters, liars, backstabbers and all out kings and queens of deceitfulness.  All encourage our youth to be the best they can be at being deceitful...can CBS PLEASE come up with something that teaches our children to be good and generous..."
Joyce Henderson from South Fulton, Tennessee:
"I agree with the ViewPoint on rap music (7/15/07-Rap Music).  Why was it ever allowed anyway?  My Mother would have said ‘I didn't know those kind of words were allowed in public.'  Just another example of where our civilization as we know it is headed.  I just pray we wake up before it's too late."
Jonathan Hutchison from Herrin:
"What I think about rap music is that it is a horrible source for kids today to listen to.  I'm only in high school but I don't know how people can listen to this ‘music.'  Music has a feel to it, this doesn't.  Music is words, not just talking and cursing..."
Mikal Long from Dexter:
"I agree with (Mike Smythe's ViewPoint on growing hemp.) (6/24/07-Hemp)  Another year has gone by and the farmers will lose out.  We import too much (hemp).  Why not grow it here for (industrial) purposes?"

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