Little Girl Saves Aunt's Life

Little Girl Saves Aunt's Life
By: Mike Shain

ORAN, Mo. - Not many youngsters just out of kindergarten would be called hero, lifesaver, and guardian angel, but a little girl in Oran is called all of those.
Katie Coplin, 7, is ready for first grade and medical emergencies.
Katie came in from playing to find her aunt Billie on the floor.
Ashley Burks is an LPN and nurses her mother who has a serious heart condition requiring both a pacemaker and a defibrillator.
"I'm an only child and if something would have happened to my mom I don't know what I would have done," Burks said.
"My little niece came in and I was trying to throw up and she lifted my head so it would run out so I wouldn't strangle. Then I blacked out again. When I came to again she had my nose pinched and was breathing in my mouth," Billie Sweet said.
Ashley and her husband got Billie to the emergency room where doctors said she probably would have died without Katie's quick response.
Ashley said when she came in, Katie was holding her aunt's head and praying, "Jesus, don't let my aunt die. I don't want to give her up yet."