Acid Bomb Damaged Cars, Home

Acid Bomb Damaged Cars, Home
By: CJ Cassidy

KENNETT, Mo. - A Kennett family said a teenagers' fight exploded into something a whole lot bigger, and now they want justice.
No one expects to find an acid bomb at their doorstep, but that's exactly what happened to a the Woodburn family.
Police said two teenagers left the bomb at a home on Mallard Lane, and a late night explosion damaged their home and cars.
Officers arrested two teens; one of them a juvenile and now a mother wants justice.
The victims in the case tell me they're glad insurance will cover the cost of fixing the damage to their property, but they want the suspects or their families to cough up the $850 deductible they now have to pay.
"This is actually where the bottle was placed when we woke up that morning," Cindy Woodburn said pointing out the damage.  She said you don't forget an acid bomb exploding at your doorstep.
"I heard a loud noise that sounded like a gunshot," Woodburn said.
Woodburn and her husband only saw the damage later.
"When it blew this was all brass, now acid ate it, it's pink and green on the door where the paint's coming off," she said.
Woodburn said the explosion followed a fight between her son and the juvenile suspect.
Police said the teenagers made the acid bomb using a common household chemical and aluminum foil.
Woodburn said it might have been easy to make, but repairing the damage to her home and cars is not so easy.
"My car should go in Monday for a pain job, replace bumpers grills, all that," she said.
Even her insurance agent, who's been on the job 21 years, is stunned.
"As far as I know it's the first claim that I've done that's had any bomb or acid since I've been here," Insurance Agent Robin Venters said.
"If we would have opened the door to walk the dog. or my children had to go outside for any reason at all and it blew up on them, I can't imagine what would have happened," Woodburn said.
Now the Woodburn's hope to clean up this mess, and move on with their lives.
Investigators said the 16-year-old is in juvenile custody.
They arrested 17-year-old Steven Crawford Wednesday.  He faces felony charges of tampering with a motor vehicle.
Police also said the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms took a look at the device.