The Heat is On

The Heat is On
By: Crystal Britt

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - The Heartland is no stranger to heat, and heat related deaths. 
Just two years ago in July on Themis Street in Cape Girardeau, a mother and son were found dead in their home.  Their deaths were reportedly caused by heat.  They weren't found immediately.
It makes you wonder who checks in on the elderly or those without air conditioning. The responsibility falls on all of us, and today we found one couple who takes it quite seriously.  
When we think of scorching temperatures, often times the construction worker comes to mind.  But, it's not just those outside we should worry about.  Volunteers with the Cape Girardeau Senior Center deliver meals every day to those who can't get out. 
Kirk and B.J. Bowman enjoy their volunteer work, and realize how important it is on several levels.
"We try to see that the person is alert, as alert as they have been in the past," said Kirk Bowman. 
"If we get to a house and a person's not home and we expected them to be home, we call the Senior Citizens Center and let them know there was no answer," said B.J. Bowman. 
Most of the homes on their route are air conditioned.  One woman said if it wasn't for the Homebound Meals Program, no one would know how she's doing.  The Bowman's are not only delivering lunch, they're asking questions like, "Is it cool enough for you in your home?" and "Are you feeling okay?"
They are simple questions we could all ask our neighbors.  It just might make a life saving difference.