Chaffee Police Chief Resigns

Chaffee Police Chief Resigns
By: CJ Cassidy
CHAFFEE, Mo. - The city of Chaffee is looking for a few good men, or women.
Police Chief Marty Keyes turned in his resignation Monday, and four other department employees resigned just last week.
Chaffee has had its share of controversy.  The city faces three lawsuits after a high speed police chase ended with two people dying in 2006.

In February, another officer was fired, following claims he asked two women to perform sex acts for him. The women later admitted they lied.

The mayor said Chief Keyes resigned over personal reasons, and she was just as surprised as anyone else to get his letter of resignation, after less than one year on the job.
In a town like Chaffee where people know each other, the chief's resignation has everyone wondering what's next.
"I never met him; I don't know anything about him," Ron Senciboy said.
The Chaffee resident said that might have been part of the problem with former Chief Keyes.
He claims Keyes didn't really get to know people in Chaffee, the way Chief Jeffrey Womack did, before his death last year.
"It's a good act to get out and talk to people. We are a small town and we do appreciate talking to people," he said.
Senciboy's also worried about his business.  He's a real estate broker.
"When you have a business like mine, you hope you'll have good publicity to bring people into town," he said.
Of course, most people remember the negative publicity coming out of the Chaffee PD recently.
Daniel Ayers, the former officer accused of soliciting sex from two women in exchange for cigarettes and cash, said he wants his job and his badge back.  His wife turned them in for him after he was fired.
The women in question, later released a videotaped confession saying Keyes asked them to lie.
Mayor Loretta Mohorc wouldn't talk about Ayers, but said she's ready to handle whatever challenge comes her way.
"It really did take me off guard.  I thought with the problems we do have here in the department, everything was workable," she said.
Back in April, Marty Keyes said he had no idea what the women who confessed were talking about.
Right now, the mayor said the department is down to four full-time officers and three reserves.  They usually employ five to seven full-time officers.
The city plans on looking for a new chief in the days ahead.