School Leaders Prepare for School Year

School Leaders Prepare for School Year
By: Erica Byfield

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, Ky. - Every year students have a checklist to buy pencils and paper.  This year is no exception especially since school starts in all of our Heartland states in a matter of weeks.

As we discovered, this time around a few area school leaders have their own to-do lists. 
"We know things right now look a mess but we have three weeks to finish this project and we're going to meet our deadline," said Superintendent Randy Greene with the Paducah City Schools.
First on the agenda, McNabb Elementary gets updated central air and heat.
"We're putting in new air conditioning and new heating.  We're working on walls and ceilings.  We want this building to really look nice when the kids get here in the fall," Greene said. 
He said these aesthetic improvements serve a dual purpose.  One, the building needs it and two, "We're just trying to make this building look fresh and new for all the kids coming from Cooper."
As of August 9th all the students who used to attend Cooper-Whiteside Elementary will now either go to McNabb or Morgan elementary.
With the same start date, leaders in McCracken County have a different sort of to-do list, making sure all sixth graders get their recommended shots. 
Leaders in the district posted a list of each of the boosters students need on the McCracken County School.
"They will protect you from tetanus/diphtheria those are illnesses a 100 years ago could have been killing kids but now because we have this you're going to be healthy," said school nurse Kay Story. 
She added it only takes a matter of minutes and visiting the local health department or family doctor will do the trick.
The McCracken County Health Department is offering the tetanus/diphtheria booster for $7 on August 8th at the McCracken County Board of Education Office.