Going Organic in Southeast Missouri

Going Organic in Southeast Missouri
By: Holly Brantley
CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. -- Once a month, Andrea Wulfers and Barb Smith take their passion for food on the road. The sisters operate SEMO Organics and buying club. Through their office in Cape Girardeau, they help bring a variety of organic products to the Heartland.
"Organic food's been around for years but with concern of pesticides and toxins, people are trying to turn to more natural food supplements for their health," said Wulfers.
Smith got the family hooked on organics because of her son's allergy problems. She knew the one thing she could control would be his food. Smith says organics have changed their lives.
"He's completely off all his medications as far as upper respiratory problems. He's off all of those. His doctors are happy about it," said Smith.
Wulfers says organic foods have helped her lose weight and have more energy. "We enjoy eating all of this stuff," said. "It's healthy. We feel so much better. We think everyone should try it."
"You don't feel sluggish in the morning," said Smith.
"I think it tastes better than conventional food," said Vickie Thomas. Thomas is a regular Buying Club Customer. Since SEMO Organics delivers the food right to your door, Thomas finds the service convenient. For her, she finds it cheaper than going to the grocery store.
"Once you start buying and eating organic you can tell a difference," said Thomas.
To be sure what you're eating is organic, look for the USDA Organic stamp.
Contact SEMO Organic Buying Club for more information.