Family Ups Reward for Info on Son's Homicide

Family Ups Reward for Info on Son's Homicide
By: Carly O'keefe
CARBONDALE, Il. -- Friends and family of Ryan Livingston gathered at the Carbondale Pavilion Saturday afternoon to remember the 22-year-old who became the victim of an apparent homicide one year ago.    
"There was a sweetness about him, a loyalty. There was good deep down in his soul. That's what we miss. We really miss that," said Denise Livingston, Ryan's mother.
On July 13, 2006, Ryan was walking on the sidewalk on Walnut Street in Carbondale. He was stabbed by two men during an apparent robbery, and he died just hours later.
"Just to be walking down the street like that and to be attacked for no reason, I think he had about $4 in his wallet, it was so senseless,"  said Denise Livingston.
Shortly after Ryan's death, neighbors in the area formed a neighborhood watch group.
"We want everyone to be safe we want everyone to be able to walk on our streets and feel safe no matter what time of day it is," said Neighborhood Watch member Sandy Litecky.
While the neighborhood watch works closely with police to help prevent future crimes, Ryan Livingston's murder remains unsolved.
"I know (police) have been working on it all year, and I know it's a top priority. But unless they have help from the community they're sort of stymied at this point," said Litecky.
Saturday, Ryan's family posted signs along Route 13 in downtown Carbondale saying things like "In Memory of Ryan Livingston, and "Honk if you want Justice".  A picture of Ryan's face reminds passersby of the life that was taken a year ago.
"We hope that people who drive by will see that we mean business. Whoever it is that did this, we want them caught. We don't want this to happen to any other's just a hole in your heart that doesn't go away," said Denise Livingston.
Ryan's family has put an extra $5,000 toward the Crime Stoppers reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for Ryan's death. That raises the total award to $6,000.
If you know anything about Ryan Livingston's homicide you're encouraged to call Carbondale Crime Stoppers at (618) 549-COPS.  If you would like to learn how to form a neighborhood watch group in your neighborhood, contact Officer Randy Mathis at the Carbondale Police Department (618) 457-3200.