YourTurn - 7/16/07

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Don Smith from Carbondale:
"I drive I-55 and I-57 in Missouri from Cape Girardeau to Sikeston and Sikeston to Cairo and see mile markers every two-tenths of a mile.  This seems ridiculous to me and a waste of resources.  It there a good reason for this or is this just a pork project...?"
Ryane Menz from Chaffee:
(In Cape Girardeau) I noticed a car parked in front of a store with a child less than two years old sleeping in the seat.  Two windows were rolled down only an inch and the poor child was restless while wiping the sweat off his face.  When the mother came out of the store, I realized that I had passed her in several aisles and I was in the store for 30 was over 90 degrees outside, think of how hot it was in the car for the poor child.  Parents who do this should be ashamed..."
Gregory Dials from Southern Illinois:
"(Regarding Mike Smythe's ViewPoint on Manhunter 2), Get a grip, Mike...take a deep breath, clear your mind, and absorb this slowly as to not hurt oneself.  Video games are not for just kids!  So maybe I want to play Manhunter 2...I should HAVE THAT RIGHT!  I am an adult, the sticker says ‘Adult' have to be an adult to buy the game.  Tell me again what the problem is, was it non-attentive parents or that you're part of a vast fascist thought process?  Perhaps both?"
Brianne Bollinger from Cape Girardeau:
"They should not raise our sales tax because they don't use the money for what they say they are going to use it for, it just gives them a raise...half our roads are not even done yet."

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