Science Fair Project Ideas

Looking for ideas for science fair projects?  Why not try a project involving weather?  We highly recommend it! ;)  Below is a list of topics you can investigate and base your project on.  If you get anymore ideas, let us know!

  1. Snow- what happens when it melts; what does it contain; structure of snow flakes; life in a snowbank  .
  2. Wind-does wind travel at same speeds and in same directions at different heights?
  3. Wind and Clouds- what are the common wind patterns in your area and why?Is cloud formation related to height, weather systems and temperature? Study and record how clouds relate to weather patterns.
  4. Water levels- study and record varying levels over the year in a body of water; account for differences and the results on the surrounding environment.
  5. Sky Colour- account for differences in colour at different times.
  6. Dew formation- how much is formed on a square meter for a period of time; account for variations.
  7. Frost formation- what must the temperature be to form first; what are the effects of humidity? What is the make-up of frost and dew?
  8. Effects of Humidity- what happens to hair during periods of changing humidity? How does human hair compare to that of other animals? How do other materials compare in expansion and contraction.
  9. Evaporation- which effects the rate of evaporation most- temperature, humidity, wind speed or other factors?
  10. Heat Retention- does fresh water hold heat longer than salt water? How does water compare to land and what effect does this have on the weather? What factors affect the cooling of land?
  11. Sunlight- how do different surfaces affect the amount of sunlight reflected and absorbed? Design a method of measuring how much sunshine is available each day.
  12. Humidity- can you collect the amounts of water in the air at different temperatures?
  13. Rain- can you measure the speed and force of raindrops?-What is the effect on soil, with and without ground cover? Could you simulate the effect of rain?
  14. Temperature- what is the difference between direct sun and in the shade? Is the difference constant?
  15. Weather records- Design and build an automatic recording weather device. Test it over a period of time.