Jackson shooting: victim's mother in exclusive interview

Jackson Shooting: victim's mother in exclusive interview
By: CJ Cassidy

JACKSON, MO. - Jackson's first shooting of the year ends with one teen in serious condition in the hospital and another teen behind bars.
The shooting took place at Shawnee Square Car Wash and Storage, Tuesday night.
Police already have the .22 calber rifle they say the suspect used.
There are several surveillance cameras at the business and police took the video from one camera.  Investigators said it shows the suspect and victim entering the car wash, but the actual shooting took place off to the side, off camera.
Still the victim's mother said she isn't worried.
She said the suspect threatened to kill her son many times in the past.
"I was told about the threats he had made to Jeremy the past month or so - on the phone, in person, through other people, it was something that concerned me but I thought it was just a teenage thing, that would blow over," Karen Obermann said.
So when Obermann heard her son had been shot, all she wanted was to see him.
But emergency responders at Shawnee Square wouldn't let her close, and instead of 17-year-old Jeremy Voshage, she spotted the suspect.
"I did see the boy sitting in the police car at the scene there.  I will say I was very angry but that's something I have to get over because I have to concentrate on my son," she said.
Police turned the 16-year-old suspect over to juvenile authorities, and said the shooting stems from a love triangle.
"The boy that shot my son was my son's girlfriend's ex-boyfriend, and he did not want to accept she wanted to move on and wanted Jeremy to be her boyfriend," Obermann said.
So why did Jeremy show up here at the car wash Tuesday night?
"He did not honestly believe this kid had a gun when he went down there.  He thought he would go there set the record straight, and be done with it," Obermann said.
Instead, she said her diabetic son will probably suffer complications in the future. She said a bullet damaged one of Jeremy's kidneys.
"One of the bullets went through his abdomen, another through the leg, and touched some of the male organs, another bullet went through his foot and broke his foot," Obermann said. 
Karen keeps a picture of her son as a child close to her.
Now she's grateful to have a chance to watch him grow up.
"I'm thankful to God he's allowed me to keep my son. We'll just go forward and use this as a life experience," she said.
Jeremy Voshage is still in intensive care, and his mother said she's tried to convince his girlfriend that none of this is her fault.
The suspect faces charges of armed criminal action and first degree assault.
Juvenile officers said according to Missouri law, the suspect must appear at a detention hearing within the first 72 hours.
They will decide later on whether to have a certification hearing to certify him as an adult.