Vandals strike Paducah

Vandals strike Paducah
By: Erica Byfield

PADUCAH, KY. - Authorities say they need your help to crack a case of recent vandalism. 

In the last few weeks someone's literally destroyed more than 30 mailboxes and spray-painted homes, cars and signs in McCracken County.
Maureen Tavernaro said someone spray-painted the side of her house.
"It was pretty vulgar what they had written on there, they started with the screen and wrote under the window," Tavernaro said.
As of Tuesday morning there was nothing left, Tavernaro spent her morning covering up every last letter with fresh paint.
"It is upsetting that people would come through and destroy property like that at random," she said. 
Tavernaro is not the only one with a mess on her hands.  In the last few weeks vandals smashed and spray painted mailboxes, signs and car windows throughout McCracken County.
"Our paperwork keeps stacking up and there's not a lot we can do at 7:30 the next morning," said Detective George Johnson. 
Police did vow to increase patrols in these new high crime areas, especially in the middle of the night when the vandals typically strike.
"One of our hopes is to that we can catch these people in progress," Johnson said.
If they can't, Detective Johnson said that is why the police department needs your help. 
"We just want it to stop, it's annoyance to residents," he said. 
Johnson suggests people should think about leaving lights on and ask their neighbors to keep a watchful eye.

"We're pretty close here, so we're going to have to keep a better eye on each other's property," siad Debra Talbert who lives across the street from Maureen Tavernaro.

After coming home to graffiti on her house, Tavernaro said she's eager to take Talbert up on that offer.
If you have any information about this vandalism please contact Paducah Crime Stoppers at 270-443-8355.