Ripley County special election planned for August

Ripley County special election planned for August
By: Ryan Tate
RIPLEY COUNTY, Mo. - There will be a new Ripley County Sheriff this August, after a special election is held to replace former Sheriff Adam Whittom.  Whittom resigned earlier this year.
Ron Barnett will run against Larry White for the top job August 7th.  Both men have experience in Ripley County law enforcement, but neither wears a badge right now.  Barnett has a welding company, and White works as a safety officer for a construction company.
"When the job came open, I knew I had to go after it," Barnett said. "I had planned on running in 2008, but my chance came a little early."
"It has always been in the back of my mind," White said. "When they asked me to run, it did not take a lot of convincing."
Both men realize that this is going to be a tough job.  The County does not supply health coverage to its employees, the Sheriff's Department is slightly under-staffed, and whoever wins will run again for the position next year. The scheduled election for Ripley County Sheriff is in 2008.
"I have thought about this. There are some downfalls to this job, but that is to be expected," White said.
"I have already thought about the fact that I would have to run again soon after I win this election. But that is not a deterrent," White said.

The election for a new sheriff is August 7th.