Cape Crime Spree

Cape Crime Spree
By: Wes Wallace

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - It was a rude awakening for a Cape Girardeau family when burglars broke into their home!
"We heard a loud crashing sound,"  recalls Robyn Nesler. "So my husband Shawn ran down the hall screaming at them to get out."
The thieves ran off, but not before swiping Robyn's purse and Shawn's wallet.
"We already took care of our credit cards and social security cards this afternoon, so they didn't gain anything,"  said Robyn.
The Nesler's are understandably both shaken and furious by what happened.
However, they weren't the only victims.  At least one other home was broken into, as well as several cars in the neighborhood.
"The didn't get anything out of my car, but they did get my daughter's wallet and CD's,'  said Sarah Grigaitis.
Since it's a relatively new subdivision and still being developed, Grigaitis pointed to the lack of street lights around as why the homes might be an easy target for criminals.
She said the neighbors try to watch out for each other, but it's hard in the middle of the night when everything is pitch black.
As we were leaving, a neighbor came over to us with a CD case in hand.  Turns out, it belongs to Sarah Grigaitis' daughter.
In the meantime, the Nesler's and others will be on the lookout...watching and waiting...just in case.