Police investigate four fires in one weekend

Police investigate four fires in one weekend
By: Erica Byfield

GRAVES COUNTY, Ky. - Firefighters often fight fires that seem suspicious, but some local leaders in Mayfield say it's just not normal to battle four within a matter of the weekend.

"There was substantial damage to several dwellings around the house due to the nature of the fire," said Captain Dale Usher with the Mayfield Fire Department.  
That one house fire damaged homes to the left, right, and two across the street.
Flames literally took over an abandoned home on West Oak Street in Mayfield around 4:30 Sunday morning.
"We heard something, woke up and there was just an orange glow.  We could see it," said Cathy Stevens.   
Blistering heat created waves on the siding on Stevens' home.
"Everybody was just freaking out over it," she said. 
For a few reasons: damage to area homes, it happened in the middle of the night and questions as to whether it is arson?
"It is kind of upsetting because it worries me if somebody did something.  What about my house you know, they could have picked out any house around here.  That kind of makes me nervous," Steven said.
Plus, county firefighters spent the weekend dowsing three fires in a mobile home park that leaders with the State's Fire Marshal's office already ruled as arson. 
And now questions swirl around the origin of the fourth fire.
"We're just calling this a suspicious fire," Usher said. 
Back on West Oak Street Cathy Stevens can't remember the last time she heard about four suspicious fires in Graves County within one weekend.
"It's been a while, if ever," she said.
Stevens hopes now, if it is arson police can figure out who's behind it.
Local police do not have any leads yet on who set the fires.  If you have any information you're asked to call Mayfield Police at 270-247-1621.