Hollywood Celebrity Diet

How about losing 10 pounds in two days? The Hollywood Celebrity Diet is a two-day juice fast that claims to help you shed the pounds, quick!

"Four ounces of juice, mixed with four ounces of water... sip over the next four hours?!?" exclaimed our volunteer, Joyce Johns. She agreed to test the diet for us, but was surprised to learn just how strict it is. Even on a juice fast, Joyce thought she'd get a little more than what the Hollywood Celebrity Diet allows. "Important," she continues to read the label. "Do not consume food, caffeine or alcohol while on this diet. No caffeine?!?"

Joyce is already what most of us call slender. But she has a backyard pool, and is already dreading pool season. "That means swimsuits," she adds, wrinkling her nose. "I picked up 9 pounds over the last year. It's motivation to get that off."

We start by weighing Joyce. The Jackson resident checks in at 145.5 pounds on a digital scale. Then Joyce brushes up on the directions again, before mixing her first juice "meal." Her daughter Jordan even gets in on the action. "If she's drinking something else, I'll say no! Don't drink that!"

But before you put the Hollywood Celebrity Diet on your shopping list, listen to dietician Christa Henry. "This is no different than juice and a multi-vitamin," says Christa. And that would be a whole lot cheaper.

Christa explains that low-calorie diets shut down your body's storage, and cause you to lose water. That's what's happening with the Celebrity Diet, even though you're drinking plenty of water all day long. "You can really only lose 1/2 pound of real weight a day," Christa explains. "Everything else is just water weight."

You can actually get dehydrated on this juice and water fast! A smarter way to lose weight is to cut-back on what you eat, and exercise. "Even if you look at the bottle and see 'fat free,' you think -- wonderful!" Christa continues. "But your body still needs some fat for fat soluble vitamins, cushioning, all those things."

Two days pass, and we check back in with Joyce. She did lose 6.5 pounds, as proven by a home video taken immediately at 48 hours.

But the Celebrity Diet isn't as dishy as it sounds. "I did have diarrhea the first day," Joyce admits. "The second day I did not. Of course, drinking all that water also makes you go to the bathroom a lot."

Even though the scale showed she lost 6.5, Joyce couldn't see it. She had to rely on measurements to figure out where the weight was."I think I lost it in an area I didn't want to lose it -- in my chest," she explained.

Joyce realizes she lost water weight, and admits she gained some back within hours of finishing the fast. "I picked up 1.5 to 2 pounds, so it came back pretty quick, too," she adds.

Plus, during the fast, Joyce felt tired. "I was a little weak. I couldn't do my full workout."

The Hollywood Celebrity Diet sells for between $20 and $30. It took-off weight. But it didn't keep it off...and it had side-effects. So we generously give the fruit juice fast a C-.