Local man faces arson charges

Local man faces arson charges
By: CJ Cassidy

CHAFFEE, Mo. - A Chaffee man faces burglary, arson and stealing charges following a weekend break-in.

Anthony Siebert, 23, is being held in the Scott County jail on $15,000 bond.

Police said the people who lived at the home were on vacation at the time, but turns out, they were all too familiar with the suspect.

When they returned home, the couple found guns and ammunition missing, and their home set on fire.

Investigators said the couple's landlord's son, Anthony Siebert is responsible.

"The couple's son went to check on the residence, and when he opened the door noticed the inside of the residence was hot, and as far as he could tell there had been a fire," said Lt. Jerry Bledsoe with the Scott County Sheriff's Department.

Fire investigators said Siebert poured a flammable liquid throughout the home.

They expect lab tests to reveal what he allegedly used.

Police said they're familiar with Siebert, and are just glad no one was injured in the fire.

Siebert's father, meanwhile, wouldn't talk on camera.  He simply said he has feelings like any other parent and will wait for the courts to decide what happens next.

As for the renters, it could be a while before they get their stolen goods back.  The items will stay in the evidence room while investigators continue their work on the case.

The victims didn't want to speak on camera either, but they told Heartland News they are trying to clean up their home.  Police said it was badly damaged by the flash fire that came about when the flammable liquid burned.

So how did investigators come across their suspect?

They say Siebert had a dispute with the victims a few weeks earlier, and it all seemed to add up.