YourTurn - 7/9/07

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Melissa Robinson from Piedmont:
"I am (writing) to you about people driving too fast on gravel roads.  I live on a (gravel) road in Wayne County...I have called the Sheriff's department (about) speeding and nothing ever happens until someone has a wreck...please help me get the law out here to stop these people before someone gets killed."
Matthew Griffin from Cobden:
"The illegals in this country are taking over. I am sick and tired of American men and women sitting around with no work and 12 or 13 million illegals (who) are getting free healthcare and tax-free money for (jobs) that American people can be doing."
Sharon Dodson from Cape Girardeau:
"I work for the East Missouri Agency in the housing department and am a caseworker for rental assistance.  I can assure you there are too many children living in poverty and that rate has not fallen but steadily gone up...I do know a little bit about poverty and I do know that it is not improving at all."
Bill Auxier from Pinckneyville:
"The new I-Phones sound impressive but (how about) the lack of attention drivers (have using) cell phones while driving now?"
Linda Harris from Cape Girardeau:
"I have listened to the news about nurses who have been charged with abuse of their positions as caregivers both in a nursing home and in a patient's home.  I believe that ANY NURSE who violates the law should be reported to the police, not just the state board of nursing...there are many of us out there who go above and beyond to give care and comfort...I am very concerned that this will turn into a WITCH HUNT and that people will be looking for DRUG ROBBING NURSES around every corner."

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