Online Honesty

Online Honesty
By: Wes Wallace
CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. --Troy State University announced the school will start requiring students in online courses to use a web cam when taking tests. Southeast Missouri State University says it won't resort to advanced technology to keep students honest. Instead they rely on other measures.
"Most of the big ones were essay tests," says Devon Bowen, a recent Southeast graduate, "I took a couple of courses and the professor really emphasized the Student Code of Conduct, and not cheating."
Michelle Kilburn is the Director of Southeast Online, and explains how instructors coordinate class work to uphold academic integrity.
"They use a variety of testing methods, and they do a number of online chat forums, so they know the tone and voice each student uses when writing," says Kilburn.
Southeast also uses a web site to compare essays and term papers with those in a national database to make sure students are not plagiarizing.