Mom and landlord jailed after police find kids in squalor

Mom and landlord jailed after police find kids in squalor
By: Erica Byfield

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ky. - A mother and property owner are behind bars after police allegedly find seven children living in filth. 

As of Tuesday night Andrea Lynch and Willis Redd were in Marshall County Jail.  Also, police have a warrant out for the children's fathers' arrest, Thomas Lynch Junior. 
It just didn't seem right to Melissa Barrett.
"The children would wear the same clothes two or three days," said Barrett, a neighbor.
She's lived in on Hasting Lane for nearly 13 years and never expected anyone in her neighborhood would make headlines.
"It's hard because it happened right next door to me and I didn't realize how severe it was," Barrett said.
Sheriff Kevin Byars said severe is an understatement.
"We don't know how long they've been there," Byars said.
Police arrested Andrea Lynch and removed her seven children, ranging in ages from to 11 months to 13-years-old, after they found them living in squalor.
"It was an old mobile home and two campers that they were living in, no running water, no electricity, trash everywhere, broken glass everywhere, and unlivable conditions," said Byars. 
Friday's trip was not the first time the Sheriff's Department and Social Services visited the mobile home on Hasting Lane.  Three months ago both departments stopped by after a tip, but leaders with Social Services did not believe the children were neglected at that time.
But this time there was no question. 
"They were dirty from head to toe," said Byars. 

Social Services took the seven children to the emergency room and learned they all had head lice and were malnourished. Currently, they are all in foster care. 

"Social services, they have custody of the children.  They've been placed in a foster home all seven together," said Byars. 
Melissa Barrett is glad the children are safe, now she only wishes she would have called the police when she noticed something was wrong.
None of the children attended public school.
Sheriff Byars told Heartland News that Andrea Lynch said she home schooled them.     
Police have a warrant out for the children's father, Thomas Lynch Junior.