Auto Cool: Does it Work?

Auto Cool: Does it Work?
By: Lauren Keith

As promised last July, I will re-test the Auto Cool, which has been the most requested product I've had so far.  Last July, 150 of you emailed me directly, requesting "I try it before you buy it."

The Auto Cool claims to cool your hot car down by some 30 degrees. It's a solar-powered fan that claims it pulls the hot air out of your car, circulating it and cooling down the inside of your car.  It's a very believable commercial and a product that looks rather handy.

But.....You'll remember in last year's test, the Auto Cool snapped in half!  My phone call to the company proved very informative, too.  I learned the Auto Cool does not work on SUVS, it requires cars with roll-up windows---no automatic, and it uses COOL air from outside to cool your car down, which is hard to do with the good ole' Heartland humidity.

So, the company sent me a new Auto Cool to test with the very specific instructions.  Click on the video link, if you want to watch last year's test, but be sure to join us next Wednesday morning on the Breakfast Show and at 10pm, July 11th, as I re-test the Auto Cool.

We'll find out if the new Auto Cool works on the next Does it Work Wednesday. Happy 4th of July!