YourTurn - 7/2/07

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Terry Marshall from Poplar Bluff:
"No, I do not support (another) sales tax in Missouri.  Don't you think we are taxed enough?"
Debra Wilson from West Frankfort:
"I truly feel sorry for the families of those lost in the terrible drag car accident...I hold the city and those involved with getting the driver there responsible...I have been around drag racing for over 20 years and NEVER been to a show where you are allowed to be (that close to) a dragster going down the track."
Mark Sebaugh from Daisy, Missouri:
"In the past ten years I have only seen one or two things on television that had anything to do with epilepsy...being an epileptic, I am appalled at the lack of television coverage on this condition...please get the word out so people can get the facts straight about epilepsy."
Heartland viewer Betsy St. John:
"My husband and I find (Mike Smythe's) ViewPoint somewhat annoying.  I wished (he) would end it.  Not so now...the ViewPoint about lonely old people and dementia hit home.  My 84 year old mom is a participant in a study on aging and memory. She is in denial about her doctor's recommendation that she should stop driving because her reaction time is too slow.  He even said she could kill a child on the road...she has been complaining about all her friends having died and she is lonely.  I do telephone her (frequently) but that's not enough.  The doctors and staff at the Washington University Aging and Memory Project are great.  Their telephone number is 314-286-2700."

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