Police investigate Internet posting in wrestler's death

Police investigate Internet posting in wrestler's death
By: Heartland News

ATLANTA - Police are investigating an Internet update on WWE wrestler Chris Benoit who was found dead Monday along with his wife and son.
Someone in Stamford, Connecticut, altered a page on the Web site "Wikipedia" to say that Benoit had missed a pay per view, because his wife had died.
This was done hours before the bodies of the family were discovered.
Stamford is also where the World Wrestling Entertainment headquarters is located.
The message was flagged because it was written by a newly registered person.

The office of the physician treating professional wrestler Chris Benoit was raided Wednesday night.

Federal drug agents, and and local deputies took records, and other items in their search.

Doctor Phil Astin says he was treating Benoit for low testosterone, likely the result of earlier steroid use.

Benoit, his wife, and their seven-year-old son were found dead in their family home Monday.

Police believe he strangled his family before taking his own life.